Campaign Zero’s #8CantWait is a national campaign that recommends police departments across the country adopt policies and procedures aimed to reduce police shootings and excessive force.  Learn more by visiting the Campaign Zero #8CANTWAIT website.

The San Diego Unified School Police Department has conducted a comprehensive update of all department policies and procedures. Appropriately, we adopted current legislative statute requirements and policies in an effort to integrate professional best practices. These policies correspond to the #8CantWait Campaign recommendations in the following areas of policing: chokeholds and strangleholds, deescalation, verbal warnings, exhausting all alternatives before using deadly force, duty by officers to intervene, shooting at moving vehicles, use of force continuum, and use of force reporting.

In addition, the SDUSD Police Department requires officers to receive training in de-escalation, crisis intervention, and scenario-based training. The training is designed to develop additional skills and abilities to effectively communicate with the public and de-escalate potentially violent situations.   All police department policies and procedures are available on our website: