4-14-20 Board Actions Summary, Regular Meeting


Trustees Barrera, Beiser, Evans, McQuary and Whitehurst-Payne, and Student Board Member Patterson were present via Zoom Webinar. 


A.1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Establish Quorum


B.1. Adopt Agenda


C.1. Student Presentation: None


D.1. Report on Closed Session: None


D.2. Administrative Assignments: None


D.3. ASB Presidents’ Reports: None


D.4. Superintendent’s Information Report: Update on Distance Learning


D.5. Board Information Reports

E.1. Student Instructional Matters: None


The Board approved the following major agenda items (5-0, unless noted; [student preferential vote* shown in brackets]):


F.1. - F.9. All items on the Board Consent Agenda [ yes ]


G.1. Adoption of Administrative Regulation (AR) 5121.1, Grades/Evaluation of Student Progress During Emergency School Closures, and Exhibit (E) 5121.1, Emergency Waiver [ yes ]


G.2. Exploration of Alternative Graduation Options and Other Class of 2020 Activities [ yes ]


G.3. Ratification of the Memorandums of Understanding with the Bargaining Units Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic [ Student Board Member does not vote on collective bargaining agreements ] 


H.1. Public Hearing and Resolution Increasing School Facility Fees Pursuant to Education Code Section 17620 and Determination that the Adoption of Such Fees is Exempt from Further Environmental Review Pursuant to Education Code Section 17621 [ yes ]


H.2. Determination that Allocation of Facilities under Proposition 39 for Iftin Charter School is Exempt from Further Environmental Review Pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Sections 15061(b)(3) and15314; and Ratification of Final Offers for Allocations of Facilities to Charter Schools as Facilities License Agreements under Proposition 39 (Education Code Section 476140 for the 2020-21 School Year [ yes ]


H.3. Establish a New Elementary School Attendance Boundary and Modify Existing Boundaries as a Condition of Sale to Purchase Property for a New Elementary School in Mission Valley at Civita [ yes ]


H.4. Resolution of Intent to Grant Permanent Easement and Right-of-Way for Public Sidewalk to City of San Diego on Portion of District-Owned Real Property at Paradise Hills Elementary School [ yes ]


H.5. Resolution Regarding Continued Payment of Salaries During the COVID-19 Crisis [ yes ] 


I.1. - I.49. - All items on the Superintendent’s Consent Agenda [ yes ] 

The next regular meeting will be held on April 28, 2020.