2017 PrimeTime Summer

San Diego Unified School District will be offering PrimeTime Summer Programs at various schools throughout the District during Summer 2017. The PrimeTime Summer Program will operate from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM daily and provides a safe place where students can strengthen their academic skills and participate in age-appropriate enrichment activities within the areas of Art, Science, Music and Athletics, while improving social skills. Students who participate in this full day program will be provided a free nutritious lunch and afternoon snack.

To apply for the PrimeTime Summer Program, please complete the PrimeTime Summer Enrollment Packet (English / Spanish) and mail to the address under the Registration section on the PrimeTime Summer Flyer (below) for the school you are interested in. The initial enrollment period for Traditional sites will end on May 5, 2017, and for Year-round sites on May 26, 2017; applications will continue to be accepted after this date. Enrollment in the PrimeTime Summer Program is on a first come, first served basis with priority going first to students currently attending schools with PrimeTime summer funding. All current San Diego Unified School District students in transitional-kindergarten through fifth grade may apply to any elementary or TK-8 PrimeTime summer program and all current San Diego Unified School District students in fifth though eighth grade may apply to any TK-8 or middle PrimeTime summer programs.

PrimeTime Summer Enrollment Packet (English)

PrimeTime Summer Enrollment Packet (Spanish)

Mailing Addresses for PrimeTime Enrollment Packets

Elementary Traditional PrimeTime Summer programs (6/26 - 7/21/17)

PrimeTime Summer Flyer
Barnard ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Chesterton ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Doyle ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Freese ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Hardy ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Jefferson ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Johnson Elementary   English Spanish
Oak Park ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Pacific View ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Porter ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Rodriguez ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Spreckels ElementaryEnglish Spanish
Vista Grande ElementaryEnglish Spanish


Middle Traditional PrimeTime Summer programs (6/26 - 7/21/17)

PrimeTime Summer Flyer
Bell Middle                           EnglishSpanish
Lewis MiddleEnglishSpanish
Roosevelt MiddleEnglishSpanish
Standley MiddleEnglishSpanish
Wangenheim MiddleEnglishSpanish


Elementary Year-Round PrimeTime Summer programs (7/31 - 8/18/17)

PrimeTime Summer Flyer
Burbank ElementaryEnglishSpanish
Central ElementaryEnglishSpanish
Cherokee Pt ElementaryEnglishSpanish
Fay ElementaryEnglishSpanish
Golden Hill TK-8EnglishSpanish
Hamilton ElementaryEnglishSpanish